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Why should I buy calendars for my business? – Well if you are targeting the general public the average home has 4 calendars on them. A normal person looks at a calendar 3-7 times a day. Calendars are the perfect way to market your business. All of our calendars are under $1.50. So for under a $1.50 you can get have a potential customer looking at your logo and contact info more than 1000 times.


But what if I want to market to other business’s? – The average office has 2-4 calendars so for under $1.50 you could have a purchasing agent or a CEO looking at your logo and contact information a few times a day for a year. No other form of advertising can get you this amount of impressions at such a low cost.  Do you want a customer looking at your competitor’s logo every day?


Why should I buy Peel and Stick Calendars? – Peel and stick calendars are a low cost way to introduce your self to a new customer at a tradeshow. Peel and Stick Calendars are a great mail out to say thanks to a customer for business, and a outstanding leave behind after a visit. They can be applied everywhere, and can be used as a 2nd contact reminder or a even a call for maintenance.


Why should I buy from Peel and Stick – Well I may be a little biased but we area small business, I personally own and run this website, I answer every phone call and get every email.  In other words you can speak with the owner anytime you call. Our on time delivery is 99.8% and our prices should be the best on the internet, please let me know if you are seeing something for less. 

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Peel and Stick Calendars

We specialize in peel and stick calendars, customized with your logo and design. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we do offer free samples of our calendars. Lowest prices on the internet.